EMMES’ longtime strategic vision is to recognize dislocation in the real estate and capital markets and identify rifle shot, often times contrarian, approaches to unlocking value. Over the firm’s history, these strategies have included the purchase and repositioning of distressed, complex or undervalued properties, the purchase of illiquid limited partnership interests and the purchase of mortgage loans in the secondary market. In addition, the firm has originated mortgage loans, mezzanine debt and preferred equity using its own and Client’s capital.


Since inception, EMMES has acquired over 400 real estate assets comprising approximately 40 million square feet at a cost of $4.6 billion. EMMES has a strong reputation in the industry for closing on large, complex transactions across multiple property sectors. Although EMMES’ investments are quite different in their makeup, location, and challenges, they each enjoy the benefit of aggressive, innovative, and hands-on asset management led by a focused team of real estate specialists.


EMMES’ knowledge of diverse property types and understanding of geographic markets has led to the revitalization of the investments through creative, entrepreneurial, value-enhancing strategies. EMMES’ asset management philosophy is to approach each asset from an owner’s perspective and to focus on enhancing fundamental value.