Key services

Currently, EMMES manages 20 properties and 3.4 million square feet of office, retail, multi-family and industrial real estate. The firm is vertically integrated; its services include the following:

Acquisitions & Underwriting
Asset Management
Property Accounting
Construction Management
Portfolio Accounting
Property Management
Client Reporting


EMMES affiliates perform asset management, construction management, property management and leasing services for properties in its portfolios. In-house legal, financial reporting, compliance and research specialists augment the firm in these valuable and complex disciplines.



The EMMES Team consists of highly experienced, motivated and dedicated individuals with diverse real estate experience and backgrounds. The team has a renowned commitment to its Clients/Investor Partners that is second to none, fostering empowering and productive relationships, some of which span more than two decades. Collectively, the goal is to always outperform Client/Investor Partner expectations.