1 Columbia Place Transformed

Interior Improvements
The themes of light, modern materials as well as upgraded technology guide you through the building lobby into its towering 7-story atrium space. Elevator lobbies, common areas and restrooms have all been upgraded. This renovation provides a unique tenant and visitor experience like no other downtown.

Exterior Improvements
The entry to 1 Columbia Place has been redesigned to give the building a stronger and more recognizable presence at the street edge. This includes a new illuminated tower element that identifies the project at the intersection. The use of light, as well as modern and timeless materials are introduced here at the exterior and then are carried through the rest of the project to create a unified design aesthetic throughout the project.

Terrace Improvements
Access to fully upgraded exterior terraces will be offered to building tenants. Designed with enhanced furnishings and materials these important amenities will offer great opportunities for impromptu gatherings and more formal events.