EMMES Realty Services of California LLC Welcomes New Eatery Porch & Swing to Centerview at the Irvine Concourse

Chef Justin Werner, Past “Chopped” Winner, Serves Up Coastal Southern Fare

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Evolving consumer expectations on dining experiences, convenience and location are turning the tables for not only the restaurant industry but also for commercial real estate landlords who are reimagining suburban office parks to mimic an urban environment. Such is the case at Centerview at the Irvine Concourse, a LEED Platinum property with twin 12-story office buildings.

“Chef Justin Werner already has a successful track record, specifically in Orange County, and will bring additional customers to the Irvine Concourse during non-business hours (e.g., weekends and nighttime)”

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Amidst the coronavirus lockdown, Centerview welcomed Porch & Swing, a progressive American eatery that has an emphasis on light and refreshing Charleston, S.C.-inspired cuisine “reimagined” for Southern California.

The new restaurant, which is currently offering a limited take-out menu and delivery Monday-Friday, features head chef Justin Werner, past winner of the TV series “Chopped,” who first made a name for himself in New York’s restaurant scene and then moved on to top restaurants in Copenhagen (Noma) and Orange County (Playground and 2.0). Werner, a seasoned traveler, draws inspiration from his time spent around the world to create a very special dining experience. Porch & Swing’s menus will change seasonally to showcase the freshest local produce.

Complementing Werner at Porch & Swing is award-winning mixologist and Charleston, S.C., native Andrew Parish. A master mixologist of 15 years, Parish is well known in the Southern California cocktail scene and was even dubbed “Mixologist to The Stars” during his stint in Los Angeles.

When choosing the venue for Porch & Swing, location was everything, according to the eatery’s co-founder Kevin Nguyen. “With a large captive audience consisting of six office buildings at the Irvine Concourse, lunch and happy hour are bound to be a home run,” he said.

Not only does Porch & Swing plan to be the go-to place for Centerview tenants, their employees and guests to enjoy, but also for the community at large.

“Whether it’s date night, an anniversary or birthday, or just a fun night out to try something new, we want Porch & Swing to be the dining experience of Orange County,” Nguyen said.

Porch & Swing is one of several dining experiences and food options available for Centerview tenants, including an onsite farmers market and rotating lunch service, Fooda.

“Porch & Swing will be a great addition to Centerview’s already attractive amenity base,” said Justin Nguyen, associate at EMMES Realty Services of California LLC. “Tenants these days are looking for a variety of food options for their clients and employees. Porch & Swing will provide Centerview’s customers with high quality food options and cocktails for lunch, happy hour and dinner, as well as for catered events and parties.”

He added that Porch & Swing will also help transform Centerview into a true lifestyle experience, attracting both tenants and outside visitors.

Chef Justin Werner already has a successful track record, specifically in Orange County, and will bring additional customers to the Irvine Concourse during non-business hours (e.g., weekends and nighttime),” Nguyen said. “Porch & Swing will help re-invigorate and energize the Irvine Concourse and give it more of an urban experience.”


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